New friends in Vetratoria!

We - four cute fluffy puppies, looking for a family! 3 boys and 1 girl!
We have two months! We were born on the island of Kos, in the village of Kefalos, 20th of June 2015. We really like it here, at the station Vetratoria. We have been provided with good food, and we are just fine! But we know that when fall will come the station will close for six months... And there will be cold and hunger ... We are afraid to be alone.
Maybe you need a friend?!
Each of us can become your best friend!!! We are very affectionate, love children and really appreciate the care! And yet we know how to rig a sail, grab the boom and plane!

The guys at the station say that, if you decide to take any of us to his home, they will tell where and how to arrange all the necessary information and documents. Honestly! They know!

UPDATE: Poldo is gone already and we all may have find new home, thank you!!!

UPDATE2: All rehomed, best wishes to our happy family!!