"As long as there is sun and air, there will always be a wind. And it's good that sometimes it hits your face" S. Lukyanenko

Every day Meltemi - a strong dry northern wind of the Aegean Sea - is keeping us ventilated here and giving the power to speed up our windsurfing boards.
Usually weak in the morning (and therefore ideal for training and beginners), Meltemi intensifies in the afternoon. In the evening, the strength of the wind decreases again. So, throughout the day the conditions in Kefalos Bay are suitable for any level of preparation - from beginner to advanced windsurfers.
Well, what could be better after a great day of riding than having dinner in a company of like-minded friends, sharing successes and discoveries. And all this on the shore of the Aegean Sea in the magical place of Kefalos! Come!