Surf life for youngsters

Collect vivid memories, as well as the knowledge and skills that are useful in adult life!
Would you like to have your child during the holidays:
- learning how to manage the sail and board
- Improving their fitness
- beginning to swim even better
- to be fed with vitamins from fresh fruit and vegetables
- forgetting about tablets and computers
- finding new friends

If at least to one of these items you answered "Yes", then just come visit us at the windsurfing station Vetratoria Greece!
We have all the necessary equipment for the training of children. Small sails, light board and special attention of professional instructors. And sometimes we do not notice how these "children", who have taken more recently the boom in their hands, today are meeting you on the water, smiling, planing forward.

Vetratoria windsurfing station, at Kefalos, Kos island, Greece