Boys and girls...just like their parents!!

A selection of cheerful pictures of our young guests at Vetratoria-Greece windsurfing station.
"Love childhood. Look with friendly eyes on its games, its pleasures, its amiable dispositions. Which of you does not sometimes look back regretfully on the age when laughter was ever on the lips and the heart free of care? Why steal from the little innocents the enjoyment of a time that passes all too quickly? "
Here it is, the laughter of children and the Vetratoria world. World of surfing, wind, speed and adrenaline!
At our station we have all the necessary equipment for the children's education. Small sails, light board and special attention of professional instructors allow young student to enjoy the learning process. And we have repeatedly witnessed how children can chase experienced windsurfers!
Not all will become professionals, but skills about sail and board, positive emotions, good friends, and plenty of sun will stay as great memories for a long time! Maybe forever!
Thank you for photos of our guest Maya!