About our center


Vetratoria is now in Greece! You can find us at Kos Island near the small place called Kefalos. Vetratoria is already a well known brand that has been successfully operating for more than 8 years so far. It is also one of the favorite places for the huge army of wind-addicted people whose number is constantly growing. Vetratoria had significantly raised in Dahab in 2006, then had opened a new center in Vietnam (Mui Ne) in 2011 and in 2012 came to Greece. During all these years we gained a huge experience in teaching windsurfing and creating a unique and cozy atmosphere which you can feel at every Vetratoria center. Our guests are coming not for windsurfing only but for being like at home and with the like minded people around. We hope that due to you, our guests and friends we will keep our unique surfing spirit and excellent service at Kos facility.

Our Greece center is equipped with the latest RRD collections of 2018-2019. You can find the whole line of boards and sails for freeride, slalom and freestyle. Windsurfing and kitesurfing equipment, as well as wetsuits and harnesses are available for renting.

Free Wi-FI is provided for all Vetratoria guests.

The center operates from middle April till middle November, working hours are from 9.00 am-18.30 pm


Spot conditions

Vetratoria at Kos is located right in the center of Kefalos Bay. The wind is mostly side shore north directions, quite stable with flat water. In the morning hours, around 9 am the wind is not strong and perfect for beginners and by the lunch times it’s getting more powerful and suitable for riding. The top of the wind comes around 1- 4 pm and at 6 pm it usually drops. Ideally flat water is perfectly matches with the both - beginning level and professional training. The beach is mostly covered with sand and sometimes with round pebble.

For the classes you will need lycra cloths (available here at our RRD shop), sun cream, short wetsuit (2 mm) and special wet shoes. The water is clear and medium salty, the temperature is usually around 22-25C in summer time, but comparing to Dahab is cold enough, so a short wetsuit is required. 



Accommodation is step available (10 and 20 meters away) at your choice – hotels and apartments. You can ask us to help with reservations at Greece@vetratoria.ru . We also provide transfer service from/to airport by 30€ one way.