How to get from the airport:


By bus

Take the bus from the Kos capital to Kefalos that goes through the airport. It’s the cheapest way to get to Vetratoria as the price is just 4,8€. The stop you need is called “Tsoukalis supermarket” or “Sebastian Bar”. The bus goes just 3-4 times per day, so keep it in mind while scheduling your trip.

KOS-KEFALOS (through the airport)                              KEFALOS-KOS (through the airport) 

     Mon-Sat                          Sunday                              Mon-Sat                          Sunday

        9.00                                 9.00                                     7.30                                   7.30

      13.00                                 13.00                                  10.00                                 10.00

      14.30                                 17.00                                  15.00                                 15.45



The schedule is updated on 02.07.2016, but might be changed seasonally.


You can take a taxi right at the airport or book it in advance. The second option is preferable, especially if you have booked the hotel already.  The way from the airport to Vetratoria will take 10-20 minutes. We provide the transfer service by 30€/one way, to booking it just send the request to .

We also may help you with accommodation. Accommodation is step available (10 and 20 meters away) and very close to Vetratoria. At your choice – hotels or apartments with standard or family rooms. You can ask us to help with reservations at .

If you book your trip at you get 10% discount for the classes and renting.