Dear friends, windsurfing is not just a type of sailing, it has a lot of advantages! In addition to physical, beneficial stress on the body, there is also a merger with nature, respect for it; develops psychological balance, an understanding of the very essence of life.
So, if you decide to try, and teach windsurfing to your children, why not doing it with us !?
The reasons could be the conditions with smooth, warm, crystal clear water. There are no obstacles in it, nor dangerous sea creatures, which could simply discourage the desire to engage with water sport related ctivities. The place where we are is very quiet and not very touristy, the beaches are clean without rubbish, hotels and apartments within walking distance, the presence of full infrastructure. Again, the local people are genuine Greeks, very friendly, especially with children since they have big families, so you can safely let your children go for a walk with friends. Not to mention our competent instructors with extensive experience in teaching children. After all, each child must be able to find an approach, become his friend, gain confidence. And our center itself, our pride, in addition to new high-quality equipment for training and riding, has all the amenities: showers, toilets, a dressing area and storage of personal belongings, a self-service buffet, chill out area and a cool room for rest, board games, school programs, table tennis, cinema and more... a friendly atmosphere reigns here, you will feel at home and do not want to leave. And do not forget about the mild Greek climate the island of Kos is blessed with.
We have everything in abundance, and therefore there is no better place for family outdoor activities!