Guest feedback - Vetratoria in October

Greek holidays with Vetratoria! Thanks to our guest Tatiana Andriyanova for sharing her impressions and pictures! 

Last October I enjoyed my vacation at Vetratoria a lot! The sea was perfect, the sky was blue and the sun was shining every day, so I was fully happy. The air temperature was about 25-27 C and the water – 22-23C, so morning hours I spent windsurfing and at the evenings enjoyed fresh fruits and vegetables from Kefalos village. Unique Vetratoria atmoshere, evening walks and friends chatting helped me to relax and feel like at home.

My classes

I had tried windsurfing before a couple of times but wasnt succsessful too much and the progress came very slowly. Sometimes there was not enough wind, somtimes the waves were too big and so and so on...But luckly, at Kefalos the conditions for begginers are perfect. A stable light wind of 3-5 m/s usually blows in the morning hours and you can start your classes with a comfort. At lunch times it goes stronger - up to 7-8 m/s and enough for planning in foot straps. The wind is usually off shore here and north directons with flat water.

Vetratoria's trainers are real professionals and a big input came from my classes.  

By the end of the day wind becomes so strong that its really hard to come back from the sea. Its time fro pro-riders! Beginners are watching amazing tricks and enjoying the sunset colors. 



Accommodation and catering

Its very easy to rent an apartment or a hotel here. In autumn time a double room with sea view costs around 20 euro, on the second line even cheaper. I rent the apartments 10 meters away from Vetratoria center and was happy about the room: cleaning 3 times per week and sweet cakes and fresh flowers left on my bed.. The local cafes are also nice and offering tasty food by a good price: greek salad - around 4 euro, local wine - 3 euro and sea fish about 9 euro..

From time to time Vetratoria team organizes BBQ or Pizza parties. Sunsets and boat trips are also a part of Kos holidays for the guests.

Be careful! The meat is cooking in a very tasty way, you will not be able to refuse... 




Asklepion is a place where Hippocrates was studying. Here you can find the picturesque ruins and beautiful views. The price for beauty is jut 4 euros.  


I was lucky to visit this incredible place few times. Quite a big rock is standing right at the shore and warm termal water comes to the sea... The termal pool is rounded with the stones and the water is really hot near the shore and colder in the middle where its mixing with the sea. They recomend to mix hydrogen procedures with common swimming in the sea - in this way it gives a healthy result and big pleasure. If you come here in the evening or at night you will enjoy the sparkling stars and dark sky that looks amazing!

Some more places

Besides all listed below Kos has some more places to visit. For example, the forest park with peacocks, flamingo lake, the Kos city with its charming beach walking area and cozy streets full of flowers. And a must have programm is to visit a reservation rock Ziya where even the bells on goat's neck sound like a magic music. By the way the car rent costs 23 euros per day so you can have 2 or 3 nice trips in one day. 

SUP boarding

One more pleasure that you can try here is SUP boarding. It may takes you many hours to look at the Aegean sea and enjoy its pure beauty. In 10 min from Vetratoria you can reach a cozy island with the small St. Nikolas church. Its specially nice to swin there around the island or just sit and watch peacocks or sea gulls. 

So, big thank to Vetratoria for our Greek holidays!!!